Inspired by Japan’s famous street taverns, where the beer is always cold and the food is full of flavour, Ikigai brings you authentic Asian cuisine with delicious twists.

Partnering with The First Group, chef and restaurateur Reif Othman’s new concept restaurant is “Japan on a plate” offering a menu inspired by the street-chic food of izakaya.

Ikigai is where friends come to reconnect over good Japanese soul food. If you need a pick-me-up after a long day or you’re catching up with friends on a chilled Saturday afternoon, our purpose is to make you feel at home from the moment you arrive…


Saturday – Thursday: 5pm – 1am
Friday: 1pm – 1 am



Edamame, nori, salt or spicy 30

Pickled cucumber, ponzu, sesame s.g18

Tori karaage, teriyaki mayo g.e.d48

Chicken gyoza, chili ponzu g.s 52

Crispy squid, chili dip g.s.d.e 58

Nori dust fries, curry ketchup d.e25

Ikigai Tacos [per piece, minimum 2 pieces]

Salmon, avocado g.s.d.e 23

Spicy tuna, tenkatsu g.s.d.e26

Mushroom, truffle mayo d.e21


Seared tuna, lemon ponzu s.e 79

Lightly seared Salmon, jalapeno soy s.g69

Hamachi, citrus white ponzu s82

Seared wagyu, truffle ponzu g.se94

Tuna tartare, Bianco Hadid Caviar, Zuke s.g125


Kale and avocado, wafu sauce n.g48

Yasai salad umeboshi vinaigrette v45

Sashimi and Nigiri

Ikigai selection sashimi (9pcs) 199

Ikigai selection nigiri (6pcs) 199

Maki Rolls

Salmon and avocado, lemon mayo g.e.s65

Spicy tuna, yuzu koshu s.e73

Prawn tempura, chili mayo g.sh.e70

Yasai, avocado and asparagus v59


Stir fried spicy ramen, wagyu beef g.e78

IKIGAI burger, wagyu beef, miso caramelized onion d.e78

Vegetable hot pot baby eringi, mungbean sprout v89

Scottish salmon, teriyaki s.g118

Wagyu beef hot pot, kagayaki rice, onsen egg g.e 165

Grilled black cod, IKIGAI miso mix g.s175

Angus fillet, truffle mayo g.d.s185


Fried rice, kimchi egg g.e.s55

Asparagus, lime soy g.v42


Sweet potato semi freddo, fried mochi g.d.e.se40

Japanese cheesecake, cherry blossom espuma g.d.e.n  45

Warm mango passionfruit cake, coconut ice cream d.g.e45

Mochi selection 3pcs d.g.e40

s seafood, g gluten, e eggs, n nuts, v veg, sh shellfish,a alcohol


literally “Empty the cup/glass”), sometimes transcribed Kanpai, is a Japanese drinking toast.

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